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NYC Divorce Client

Mrs Stark came highly recommended and she didn’t disappoint. She followed my case with extreme care and knowledge and guided me through a painful, complicated child custody case, filed by my ex. As a victim of physical abuse of 12 yrs, I came to her in desperation and totally broken into pieces. She guided me step by step, to become the free woman I am today and helped me win full custody. She was there with me since day one, through order of protections, police interventions, and later visitations ordeals. Our case went unfortunately all the way to trial in Supreme Court, due to the unreasonable nature of my ex, though attempts to settle where made all along. Her presence in court was invaluable, her skillful approach was always well received by the judge. If a motion was filed, it was either necessary or for a well founded reason, not to waist my time and money. Mrs. Stark is a fighter, and that’s who I needed by my side to survive.

NYC Divorce Client

An expert in every part of the divorce process, who saved me thousands AND a trip to court. Runs a very professional office too!

I am extremely happy with the work Ms Stark and her team did for my divorce; she provides genuinely premium service I couldn’t have done without. I want to try and thank her for the great job she did by sharing it with other people considering her services.

The first thing I noticed about her approach was how empathetic and intelligent she was about my situation. She’s a big picture thinker, who really understands all the difficult parts of divorce and how they affect each other. When I first saw her, I had been hit with an order to go to Family Court out of nowhere from my separated husband. I was angry, and I didn’t know the law, so I couldn’t see the right way out. Ms Stark listened very carefully to the details of my case and recommended the exact strategy we would use then and there. She knew the law and exactly how my rights worked, and she gave me the advice I needed to calmly negotiate what would end up being a great settlement for me.

By itself, this saved me what would have been thousands of dollars and countless hours of heartbreak for me and my child. I was furious and ready to go to court, but with a clear mind and Ms Stark’s help I got more than I could have hoped for from any judge.

Once uncontested terms were reached, she and her team got to work. I found her office to be staffed with quick and efficient professionals. There were some complicated and unusual terms in my divorce agreement, which they handled without a problem. On a personal level, they struck the right balance of warmth and professionalism. And they were excellent communicators, clearly answering my questions and letting me know of any developments as they came up.

My divorce was such a difficult and important thing in my life, and I wanted to make sure things were done right with it. In everything from the paperwork to the tough negotiations about custody, visitation, and child support, I feel like Ms Stark was worth every penny. Definitely give her your consideration!

NYC Divorce Client

You will not regret it

It is hard to find an attorney that truly cares about her client’s situation, is attentive to the small nuances of your case, whose staff is always responsive to any and all question you may have and at the same time exudes a professional, well kept and classy demeanor. Yet, Luba possesses all of these qualities. I hired her to handle my divorce and never once did I feel like her office saw me as so many dollar bills to be collected. In fact, I walked away from the experience feeling as if I had gained a new group of confidants and people that genuinely sympathized with my situation.

Not only did they help me attain all that I wanted: sole custody of my daughter, maintenance and a home for me and my child, I emerged like a Phoenix rising form the ashes of my terrible marriage and I have Mrs. Stark and her team to thank for my new confidence and sense of security. I highly recommend Lubov Stark LLC if your considering a divorce or if you need to resolve custody issues involving your children. Her services are truly worth every dollar you will spend.

NYC Divorce Client

Best divorce attorney in Brooklyn

Wonderful person, extremely professional attorney. When I first came in to her office, I thought that I have no chances to get my son back. She did a wonderful job and my son is with me now. Ms. Stark always knows how to help person, how to give him support and an advice. I will recommend this attorney to my friends and all people i know !!!!!!

Brooklyn Divorce Client

Great Attorney

I was going through a difficult time in my life because my husband picked up and left me and my daughter to go to live in Europe and raise a new family. I came to Ms. Stark broken hoping that she would help me through and help me get the things that I am entitled to by law from my husband. She was able to locate my husband and serve him with Court papers. Today, I am receiving maintenance and child support and am able to provide a better life for me and my daughter. None of this would have been possible without Ms. Stark and I recommend her services to anyone who needs a good Divorce lawyer.

Nancy, NYC Divorce Client

Experienced, Professional Attorney

I am so grateful that I hired Ms. Stark to represent me in my divorce. She was a great shoulder to lean on during a difficult period in my life. When my first attorney failed to deliver I turned to Ms. Stark and her firm. Ms. Stark is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and kept me informed of all my options as we went along. Ms. Stark’s staff and attorneys were likewise knowledgeable, professional and made the divorce process much easier on me. My divorce took two years and I cannot imagine going through it without Ms. Stark’s guidance. I highly recommend Ms. Stark to anyone who is looking for quality and results.

Adam, NYC Divorce Client

Caring and Extremely Knowledgeable Attorney

Going through a divorce can be very difficult. I was lucky enough to find Ms. Stark to help me get though my divorce quickly and economically. From the moment I sat down for my consultation Ms. Stark was caring and made me feel like everything would be alright. She guided me through the divorce process and made what could have been a very grueling process much easier for me to handle. I highly recommend Ms. Stark for her professionalism and her vast knowledge in divorce law.

NYC Divorce Client

Excellent attorney

Lubov made a difficult situation bearable; you don’t know your spouse until they become your adversary in a divorce action. I saw a side of my wife I never imagined existed. She fought me for everything: visitation, child support and division of assets. I only wanted to be a part of my children’s life and the ability to support myself after our marriage. Lubov gave me a road map of the divorce process so I knew what was happening every step of the way. She placed herself in my shoes as a parent and protected me so that I did not have to end in a homeless shelter after my divorce. I am grateful to her and her firm.

Michael, NYC Divorce Client

Great Job

Ms. Stark handled my case excellently. The result was even better than I imagined. She did an excellent job explaining everything to me in layman’s terms. I would recommend her to all my friends.

Arthur, NYC Divorce Client


Ms. Stark was great. Her negotiation skills gained me a favorable settlement. Her advice and her demanor in settlement meetings allowed me to end my relationship amicably. My former spouse and I were able to work out our custody problem without the stress I expected. Ms. Stark did a great job explaining the issues and their possible consequences not just monetarily but personally as well.

George, NYC Divorce Client

Knowledgeable & Trustworthy attorney

Ms. Stark along with the rest of the staff is very knowledgeable and responsive. She kept me informed thoroughly with all the proceedings explaining every little twist and turn of the case. Ms. Stark did an excellent job in court presenting my case in a very professional manner.

I would recommend Ms. Stark as an attorney.

Jourii, NYC Divorce Client

The Best Attorney in New York

Lubov Stark which left me extremely satisfied. Is Absolutely the best divorce Attorney I’ve meet in the last 7 years. She was very Helpful, Kind, and Tremendously Knowledgeable. She negotiated my case and saved me money avoiding heavy litigation. She got me emergency orders to be with my children for the Christmas holidays. The judge showed trust and respect towards her. Lubov Stark has made a huge difference. I would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone in need of a great lawyer.

NYC Divorce Client

Best Divorce Lawyer in New York, Highly Recommended!

Lubov Stark has helped me and several of my friends go through difficult divorces. She is a caring, knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who always tries to find a reasonable compromise for both sides. She negotiated a very good settlement on my behalf and has saved me a lot of money and time by resolving my divorce in an amicable way instead of going to court and fighting against my husband. I have received half of the value of my house, very good child support and have custody of my two kids. My experience at Ms. Stark’s office was very good, my case was handled professionally and with great compassion and attention from my lawyer. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a strong negotiator with a caring heart. Her fees were reasonable and because of her excellent knowledge and experience with divorces she was able to keep my case out of the costly court process. I am grateful for her help!

NYC Divorce Client